Survivor: Bolivia

LOGO Bolivia (1)
Season 3
Winner Amanda (domarco13)
Runner Up Leanna (LEANNA)
Second Runner-Up Noah (Mchappy)
Final Vote 4-2-1
Episodes 18
Castaways 20



Awki Awki

Previous Season Survivor: Barbados
Next Season Survivor: Uruguay


Survivor: Bolivia. Another batch of 20 contestants began their journey currently named one of the best seasons in history. Redemption island used yet again and with 2 returnees coming from season 1 in this season it made for a difficult game. In the Final 3 a bitter jury found no interest in voting Noah giving him one vote which gave Amanda enough votes for the win. Ending results became Amanda (domarco13) 4 - 2 Leanna (LEANNA) - 1 Noah (Mchappy)