Survivor: F v F v F

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Season 5
Winner AlaskanFireDragon
Runner Up Leo (yinzer149)
Second Runner Up Bobby (bklimas)
Final Vote 4-3-1
Episodes 17
Castaways 18





Previous Season Survivor: Uruguay
Next Season Survivor: FInland


Survivor: Fans vs. Favourites vs. Failures. This season consisted of 18 survivors, 12 of them being returnees. The tribes were split in 3, one tribe has past players who were pre-merged boots, another tribe was past players who made post-merge and the last tribe had 6 newbies. Going into the merge the Fans were numbered with the Favourites tribe still consisting 4 of the nine remaining players. Fortunately the F3 had a player from their respectful tribes. FireDragon came out with the win against Leo and Bobby by a 4-3-1 vote. (Personally my favourite season while I'm writing this)

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